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Watching People Drown

10 Apr


Lepidopterist Without a Net

13 Nov

Dark poetry…

18 Oct

Warning: contains ‘Pterodactyls’

It’s Me or the Robot

2 Jan

Free sf in Sci Phi Journal: It’s Me or the Robot.

An Interview With Mark Kirkbride, Expert Writer of Scary Stories

22 Sep

Eleonor Gardner

Mark Kirkbride had me entranced early in his book, Satan’s Fan Club. After a few pages into a Kindle sample of his book, I knew I had to get in touch with him. Disturbing, dark, entertaining, and exceptionally well-written, Kirkbride is ready to take you into his personal nightmare.

“The man’s pajamas and woman’s nightdress are damp. The bed likewise. That is sopping. Because, visible through the slashed covers, the bone-deep wounds that criss-cross the couple’s bodies pump blood. Some of the flaps of skin resulting from glancing blows are like gills, breathing. Yet even as the cries die away, he carries on. Chop. Chop. Chop“.

If you thought that excerpt was disturbing and twisted, there’s plenty more in Satan’s Fan Club! I’m not surprised that it’s hit #187 in its genre for Kindle books. Trust me, you can afford the less than $5 to get a Kindle copy!…

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Most recent interview

11 Sep

The Depths of Mark Kirkbride


Ding-Dong the Witch is…Alive

22 Jun

In Neil Davies’ The Village Witch, something dark and ancient stirs in the heart of an English village, awaiting its moment. For Tim, returning home from serving in the army, there will be more battles to come. With a haunted house, Gothic isolation, supernatural terrors, sacrifice, disappearances, murders and random acts of violence, The Village Witch has all the classic elements of horror. Told from multiple points of view, with fully-formed characters nicely differentiated, some on the side of the supernatural, others investigating it, yet others fearing it and some completely oblivious, the village feels genuinely populated, and all the strands twist and turn to a thrilling denouement. Especially recommended for those holidaying in Devon!