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5 May

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Election Poetry

2 May


‘I loved you in my dreams’: Bret Easton Ellis’ Lunar Park

21 Apr

A terrifying Furby (or Terby), a haunted house, a possessed dog, tortured father-son relationships and a writer called Bret Easton Ellis who valiantly attempts and magnificently fails to leave his drink and drug-fuelled past behind to settle down in suburbia as one half of a celebrity couple. Ellis at his funniest, and most moving; literary – postmodern – horror at its best.

Horror Inside the Box review of Satan’s Fan Club…

28 Mar


A whole universe of ebooks…

24 Mar


Kev Cooper interviewed me for his excellent blog…

1 Nov


Nowhere More Haunted than Home: A review of Autumn in the Abyss by John Claude Smith

15 Oct

From the William Burroughs epigraph to the closing story that’ll make you rethink confronting the person knocking the back of your seat in a cinema, this is a collection of distinction, told in a rich, bold style with unifying themes, images and characters. It would be worth the price of admission for the title story alone, about the disappearance of poet Henry Coronado after a public reading turns into an invocation, of evil. The narrator, researching the poet’s life for a possible biography, becomes drawn into the literary mystery. Like him, you’ll be checking over your shoulder as you read.